Bayou Witch
.5oz Arenmetia                                              .5oz Arenmetia
.5oz Banishing                                              .5oz Banishing
.5oz Bast                                                   .5oz Bast
.5oz Bat's Blood                                            .5oz Bat's Blood
.5oz Black Amber & Lavender                                 .5oz Black Amber & Lavender
.5oz Bleeding Heart.5oz Bleeding Heart
.5oz Bohemian                                               .5oz Bohemian
.5oz Chango Macho                                           .5oz Chango Macho
.5oz Crossing                                               .5oz Crossing
.5oz Curse Breaker                                          .5oz Curse Breaker
.5oz Dark Chocolate                                         .5oz Dark Chocolate
.5oz Dove's Blood                                           .5oz Dove's Blood
.5oz Dragon's Blood                                         .5oz Dragon's Blood
.5oz Drawing Down the Moon                                  .5oz Drawing Down the Moon
.5oz Earth                                                  .5oz Earth
.5oz Erzulie                                                .5oz Erzulie
.5oz Exorcism                                               .5oz Exorcism
.5oz Fire                                                   .5oz Fire
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