Small Stickers
We have many small stickers for you express yourself, your faith, your sign and views. Place these stickers on your car, or in your home or office to enjoy.
Ahimsa                                                      Ahimsa
Aquarius                                                    Aquarius
Aries                                                       Aries
Baphomet                                                    Baphomet
Bass Clef                                                   Bass Clef
Bast                                                        Bast
Buddha                                                      Buddha
Buddha Wheel                                                Buddha Wheel
Cancer                                                      Cancer
Capricorn                                                   Capricorn
Female/Female                                               Female/Female
Gayatri Mantra                                              Gayatri Mantra
Gemini                                                      Gemini
Good Health                                                 Good Health
Khanda                                                      Khanda
Legalize Marijuana                                          Legalize Marijuana
Leo                                                         Leo
Libra                                                       Libra
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